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APEX 7000

apex 7000

Apex is the new bill acceptor distributed by Paytec.

Built on over 10 years of engineering and customer design, Apex is the benchmark for stability and resilience.

A dual-stage optical anti-stringing technology offers the highest security against fraudulent bills.

The “Escrow” function enables users to get the bill back in the case of a failed vend or when no change is available.

The bill acceptor is distributed with a 200-bill stacker (other models with 500-bill stacker are available).

The acceptor is equipped with an automatic self-calibration system and can be easily configured with a PC or the DIP switches on board. The simple on-board diagnostics with LEDs on the front bezel make diagnostic messages easy to interpret.

APEX 7000 Features

200-bill stacker standard (500-bill stacker available on request)
Bills up to 72 mm wide accepted
Interfaces: MDB, parallel and impulsive
Operating voltage (with adapter): 15-30V AC standard; 20-42V DC.
Operating current: 180mA idle; 500mA operating; 1.50 stalled.
Operating temperature: 0° to 60°C (90% non-condensing humidity)
Acceptance rate: greater than 95% (including second-time insertion of rejected bill).
Acceptance speed: approx. 20 bills per minute.
Configuring tools: DIP Switches or PC
Sensor Array: 8 optical sensors;
Security: Dual-stage optical anti-stringing technology
Features: Escrow (to recover bills in the case of failed vend)
Simple on-board diagnostics
Automatic self-calibration


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