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BT6000 Hw5_vista_LED

BT6000 is a serial adapter enabling Bluetooth communication with the payment systems. Thanks to such device, Bluetooth terminals (PDA, tablet, smartphone, PC…) can connect with the payment system without recurring to cables which, in many cases, complicate the work of operators.

BT6000 not only enables the efficient collection of audit data from a payment system, but it also allows operators to configure Paytec systems with the help of the “PC Configurator” software.

With a robust and compact design, BT6000 is a device the operator can carry along in his daily working activities. Thanks to its long-lasting battery (can last up to 60 hours and can be recharged through a Mini USB port), BT6000 is connected to the payment system with a solid connector designed to last in time.

BT 6000 Features

Microprocessor with very low energy-consumption.
LED indicating connection status.
3.7V Li-Ion battery and 1000mAh capacity, rechargeable via USB. Operating time depending on use (lasts 60 hours max. without recharging).
Communication protocols: Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR class 2 (maximum range: up to 70 m.). Compatibility with standard Bluetooth 1.1.
Connections supported: USB <-> RS232 and Bluetooth <-> RS232.
Weight: 80 gr.
Size: 96 x 51 x 25mm.



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