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Keys and other Mifare® supports


The Mifare® technology platform has been integrated and adapted by Paytec based on the specific requirements of the vending industry.

The main benefit of the Mifare® technology lies in its multi-application design: it is possible to use the same Mifare® support as a means for payment in vending, for applications like access control and time & attendance, or as an electronic purse for canteens and cafeterias managed by other operators.

Using the dedicated programmer, it is possible to “write” the application developed by Paytec on Mifare® media already in the client’s hand (cards, key holders, etc.). This flexibility allows vending operators to integrate themselves in existing locations in a seamless and user-friendly way.

Mifare® keys by Paytec can be distinguished from PIT keys by the serial number laser-printed on the stem (the serial number of MIFARE keys will be marked with a final “M”), while the cap is available in the same colors: red, green, yellow, blue, black, transparent and orange. As for PIT keys, it is possible to customize the label with a different logo (operator or final client).

Configuration can be performed with the Mifare® programmer.

Keys and other Mifare® Devices Features

RFID keys corresponding to the ISO14443A Mifare® standard
PIN-protected and 16bit CRC
7 bytes password
Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Data transfer speed: 106kbit/s
Multiapplication (MAD standard) by programming of 3 client sectors on the keys


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