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PIT Keys


With more than 12 million units sold by Paytec over the years, PIT keys (“Programmable Identification Transponder”) have become a fundamental tool for many vending operators. The proprietary PIT contactless technology ensures full control over all technical aspects, while guaranteeing at the same time reliability, safety and versatility.

The sales functionalities available through the keys represent an important marketing tool, not only by allowing easier payments, thus increasing sales, but also by improving clients’ loyalty through easily programmable solutions (differentiated prices, free vend, free credits, time bands, etc.)

Paytec keys stand out for the variety of available colors and for the high level of customization. While the stem is always dark grey, the cap is available in red, green, yellow, blue, black, transparent and transparent orange. It is possible to customize the label with the operator’s logo or the one of the final client, thus adding more personalization elements.

Configuration can be done with the PIT programmer, or directly by the payment system with the auto-programming procedure when inserting the key for the first time.

PIT Keys Features

RFID keys with PIT technology
Protection with 2 PIN codes
7 bytes password
Frequency: 125 KHz
EEPROM technology
EMC compatible (DIN 40839 standard)


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