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Four Premium

FOUR Premium simplifies the operator’s job with an efficient and versatile approach.
The system is controlled and managed by the proven Caiman unit, which, in addition to directly managing the cashless part through the Caiman reader, also controls the FOUR MDB-only changegiver.
In this way, Audit and configuration data are stored and available in Caiman and not in the changegiver.
The Caiman unit can also control other MDB peripherals (e.g. a bill acceptor or credit card reader) in order to get an even more complete payment system.
The FOUR MDB-only changegiver is an extremely simple solution, reliable but mostly important convenient for coin management.
The Caiman reader makes it possible to read/write Paytec keys (PIT or Mifare®) safely and rapidly.
Audit data can be retrieved from the Caiman unit with a number of tools and technologies.
It is also possible to configure the system through a PC, a Paytec terminal, a Data Key or PayTools.
The new Paytec system FOUR Premium is an integrated and low-cost solution enabling operators to progressively and efficiently meet the needs of the market.

Four Premium Features

Product: Caiman (EXE or MDB-MDB) + Key reader (PIT or Mifare®) + 4-tube FOUR MDB-only changegiver + Cable MDB.
Protocols: Executive, MDB Master/Slave, BDV001.
Audit: Standard EVA-DTS and extended formats. It can be collected via IrDA (embedded on reader), or with Data Key/Card, PayTools (together with BT6000), WEB6000 and PC.
Configuring tools: P6000, Data Key/Card, PayTools (together with BT6000), WEB6000 and PC.
Diagnostic tool: Configurator (PC software).
Updating tool: SIB.
Changegiver main functionalities: 30 coin channels, messages displayed in one or two languages.
Cashless main functionalities: 100 prices/discounts, 4 special discount levels (10 prices), user groups, time bands, free vends, free credits, bonus at recharging, calendar bonus, bonus menu, fidelity function, black list, key pre-payment, key code conversion, list 10/100 prices for cashless MDB, autoprogramming of PIT keys, management of other MDB peripherals.


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