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  • A world of payments in a single, compact product
  • Full integrated PIT cashless functionalities
  • Inductive-based coin recognition technology
  • Standard front plate (3.5” acceptor)
  • Integrated IrDA port
  • Executive, MDB and BDV001 protocols

Giody (model GF8900) occupies a very special position in Paytec product range, due to its originality and exclusivity.

The system offers in a single unit with the size of a standard coin validator, two integrated payment systems with a standard front plate. With this solution there is no need to make an additional hole on the machine and to connect and configure two payment systems.

Giody can be used as a coin validator, as an integrated cashless system with PIT technology, or in order to load credits on the keys.

Apart from being designed to work with both protocols EXE and MDB/ICP (slave version), Giody offers the possibility to connect an external bill acceptor in pulse mode.

Audit data are available in both standard EVA-DTS and extended modes. Data can be retrieved with the dedicated Data Key or through the frontal IrDA port.

System configuration takes place with dedicated, PC-based software, with Paytec palmtops, or with the Data Key.

Giody is the ideal system for compact vending machines (tabletops or OCS), where both Cash & Cashless payment options should be made available to users.

Giody Features

PIT key reader
Protocols: Executive, MDB, BDV001
Price Holding mode
Audit: standard EVA-DTS or extended mode
IrDA module for data transmission: integrated
Audit reading tools: palmtop with IrDA, Data Key, PC
System upgrade: through SIB
Cashless functionalities: users bands, time bands, discounts and promotions with a wide array of different solutions, black list (500 elements)
Autoprogramming of PIT keys


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