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IrDA6000 & External IrDA interface


For those operators already using IrDA technology in order to collect audit data, Paytec offers a range of practical and flexible solutions for those payment systems that are not equipped with an integrated IrDA port.

The external IrDA interface is an accessory to be mounted permanently inside the vending machine and enable the retrieval of audit data with a PDA or other data collection tools (e.g. tablet or smartphone accordingly adapted).

On the other hand, IrDA6000 is a handheld device that the operator connects each time to the vending machine in order to collect the audit data. The connection to the machine happens through a robust connector – also supplying power – that is designed to last in time.

IrDA 6000 & External IrDA Interface Features

Green LED indicating the tool is powered and communicating.
Power supply: direct current.
Tension range: 8.5Vdc to 42Vdc.
Max. power absorption: 50mA in standby.
Communication range max.: 1m (3.28ft) as required by standard IrDA.
Dimension: 54mm (large) x 102mm (long) x 30mm (high). 
Weight: 70g.



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