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Hoppers F1

Minihoppers F1 are extremely fast – up to 8 coins per second – and can accept any type of Euro coins (from 10c to €2), with no need for special adjustments.

The F1 minihopper series has been specially conceived for those locations where a large quantity of coins must be dispensed rapidly (e.g. AWP machines, Coin Changers, Changegivers, …).

Paytec’s minihoppers are offered with ccTalk® (F1PRO) and parallel (F1S) protocols, in order to make them secure, easier to control, and capable of future upgrades.

F1 minihoppers have been designed with the exclusive and patented Twin Connection feature, which enables them to be placed side by side, thus using a single exit point, with clear advantages in terms of installation, space saving and fewer parts required for coin routing. The fast-release base reduces installation times and permits easy removal for servicing.

Special mechanical/electronic devices avoid coin jams when the cashbox is at full capacity and guarantee that the hoppers can pay out up to the last coin.

Security is ensured by microprocessor, dual photocell payout and sophisticated auto-diagnostics. The mechanics, based on a single spinning disc design (no other components are moving) is extremely reliable despite high speed dispensing capability. A special coin eject with optics and micro processor separates coins and avoids coin jams in the output area.

Every model is available 24VDC or 12 VDC.


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