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For any dispensing requirements of packaged products, Paytec Motordispensers MD-1000 offer a simple, flexible and highly reliable solution. The MD100 range is widely used in tobacco machines, Health & Beauty dispensers, AWP machines or any vending machines dispensing small, box-like products.

Products are typically stacked in silos; once a selection is made, the product at the bottom of the silo is pushed forward and dispensed. Since products are stacked, filling operations are made from the top, which tend to be extremely easy.

Products are dispensed in less than 4 seconds; the operation is performed with very low noise thanks to the smooth exit path and a rounded exit edge.

Numerous configurations are available, with a model suitable for every application, striking the right balance between security, size/weight and low level detectors.

Silos are available in two sizes, thus offering a “Plug-and-play” solution with the widest flexibility in terms of product size and without requesting complex mechanical engineering solutions.

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