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New service V-Spot

In the latest edition of Venditalia, PAYTEC launched V-Spot, a cutting edge service that replicates a successful business model in many retail environments, such as bars, restaurants and large distribution chains. V-Spot transforms the vending machine into a real WiFi hotspot, therefore allowing customers to access the internet via WiFi. Users will have to register only once, when connecting to V-Spot for the first time. Users can either enter their credentials manually or login with their Facebook account.

With V-Spot vending operators can substantially differentiate their offering with a value-added service for their clients and consumers in public spaces, waiting areas, break rooms…. Operators will also have access to a modern marketing and communication tool to interact with users in a personalized way and to learn more about the habits and preferences of consumers. V-Spot can be used to promote the operator’s brand, the products offered, or to provide information of local interest (geomarketing).

After several months of field tests with different operators, PAYTEC now offers the V-Spot service in several European countries.

Logo V-Spot