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New OPTO payment system

During Venditalia 2016 PAYTEC presented a new contactless technology named OPTO, an innovative data transmission solution developed in collaboration with Dinube – a Spanish fintech company, enabling secure payments on any smartphone without the need for NFC (Near Field Communication). Unlike traditional contactless communication technologies – which were modeled around RFID card systems and limited NFC – OPTO uses the light from the mobile screen to generate a dynamic token in the form of colour-encoded light signals at different frequencies, which are transmitted to an optical reader installed in the vending machine. The technology is being introduced by Paytec as part of the company’s drive to provide digital payment solutions to its customers in the vending sector. The OPTO model is simple to use, easy to install and works with any type of vending machine and payment equipment, and promotes topline growth for vending operators by providing new services to their customers with the most convenient, secure and personalized digital payment solution on the market. For more information, please visit the Press Coverage area on