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PayTools is an Android APP helping vending operators to easily manage their Paytec payment systems.
With the simple use of Paytec BT6000 Bluetooth device, PayTools instantly enables complete setup, configuration, general programming of the systems and sensor/coin diagnostics.
PayTools replicates the well-known programming procedures of P3000/P6000 handheld devices in a smart and intuitive way.
Used with PayCloud, PayTools enables operators to download, edit and synchronize audit and configuration files in the cloud.
PayTools also allows checking the status of your BT6000 device to make sure you have the latest version installed.
The APP works with all Paytec payment systems, including changegivers Eagle and Four8900, as well as the cashless products Oscar, Caiman or Giody coin acceptors.
PayTools makes it possible to download the audit file in EVA-DTS format not only from Paytec products, but also from MEI and Currenza changegivers.
PayTools is currently available in English, Italian, French, Spanish, German and now also in Russian.


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