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Privacy Policy

Privacy statement

Following the Decree Law no.196 of 30th June 2003 (Personal Data Protection code, then stated “Privacy code”), your personal data will be treated following the principle of correctness and transparency for the protection of your reservedness and rights. In compliance with article 13 of the Decree Law no.196 of 30th June 2003, we inform you of the following.

Where Data are Treated

Your data will be treated in our headquarters and will be only treated by technical staff or by the staff in charge of servicing the system.
None of the data gathered on this site are communicated to third partied.
The personal data given by users requiring newsletter, brochures, catalogues, user’s guides, … are only treated to perform the service required and are only communicated to third parties when necessary (when forwarding technical/commercial material, products, …).

What we Collect

Web surfing data.
The information systems and software procedures for the functioning of the site gather user’s web surfing data.
Such data are not gathered to identify specific users but, due to their nature and if compared with data from third parties, users could be identified with such data.
Such data include IP address or the name of the PC used by the user when connecting to this site, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of requests, time of requests, how the request was forwarded to the server, the size of the reply file, the number code about the state of the reply by the server and more parameters about operating system and platform.
Those data are only used to obtain statistical info and are memorized in a protected information system. Such data could be used to ascertain responsibility in the case of computer crimes against the site.
Data given by the user.
When sending an e-mail, the user’s address and the personal data attached are memorized to send a reply.


No temporary cookies are created to transmit personal info, nor permanent cookies are stored to trace back users.
Session cookies (temporary cookies that are removed when shutting the browser) are strictly used to transmit identifiers during a web session (numbers generated at random by the server) and permit users to safely surf the site.
The Session cookies used for this site avoid the use of other Internet technologies that might prejudice the reservedness of users and do not consent to gathers user’s identifiers.

Giving Data

Apart from web surfing data, users are free to give (or not) their personal data when requiring brochures, catalogues or other information.
When personal data are not given, the information required might not be given, though.
In a few cases outside the standard management of this Site, information can be required by Authorities following article no.157 Decree Law no.196/2003 to control data treatment procedures. In such cases we are forced to give the info required to avoid being fined.

How Data are Treated

Personal data are treated with information technologies. Special measures are always taken to prevent a loss or an unlawful use of data, or unauthorized access.

Data Controller

Payment Technologies SRL is in charge of data treatment.

Users’ Rights

Users can contact us at any time if they wish to access, verify, update or delete their personal data (article 7 Decree Law no.196/2003).