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Caiman Programmers


The Caiman programming unit is available in two versions, one dedicated for programming PIT keys, the other for Mifare® cards and keys. The Caiman Programmer is used to code and configure keys/cards for end-users. Data Keys and Cards can also be read by the Programmer in order to download the Audit data.

In the PIT version, the Data Key can be programmed to update systems already operating in the field.

In the Mifare® version, the Programmer can read tags already programmed by third parties. Therefore, free sectors can be identified in order to “write” the Paytec cashless application.

Caiman Programmer Features

Reading and programming of PIT keys and Mifare® cards/keys
Audit data retrieval with Data Key and Mifare® Data Card
Data Key programming to configure PIT systems in the field
Reading and programming of third-parties’ Mifare® media
PC connection via USB or RS232
Programmable with the “PC Programmer” software
Windows compatible


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