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WEB6000 leverages the widespread adoption of portable device and the benefits of Wi-Fi technology to allow the programming of Paytec products directly from PC or tablet.

The programming environment, based on a web architecture, allows setting Paytec changegivers and cashless systems in a quick and intuitive way, without having to stand necessarily close to the vending machine.

When WEB6000 is installed permanently in the vending machine, programming can take place without cables or physical connections of any type. By searching WEB6000 on the Wi-Fi network, operators can instantly and securely access the payment system through any Wi-Fi enabled device (PC, tablet, smartphone, palmtops…).

As an alternative, WEB6000 can be connected to the vending machine only when programming is required. The connection procedure remains similar, so that the operator does not have to stand close to the machine when programming.

But more important, WEB6000 has been designed for remote connection with the addition of a standard modem-router or through an ADSL connection. This configuration allows the deployment of telemetric solutions, which are simple, open, modular and scalable, as well as more cost effective compared to more traditional solutions.

All alerts sent by the vending machine through the DDCMP protocol can be collected directly by WEB6000. In this way, all information coming from the vending machine and the payment system can be managed by a single instrument.

With WEB6000, Paytec aims to offer not only a simpler and quicker way of programming, with relevant savings in terms of machine downtimes, but also a practical and lean solution to remotely manage the machines fleet.

WEB6000 Features

Compact design
Wi-Fi connection
Permanent or portable functioning mode
Connection ports for the payment system and/or the vending machine
Suitable for remote connection via modem-router


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